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Kevin L. Walker Founds/Launches Self Tape Audition, Acting, and Entertainment HUB, “The Creation Station Studios”


Kevin L. Walker founds the self tape and entertainment production company The Creation Station Studios, aimed at bridging the gap between actors and the self tape audition world.

“Self tape video auditions are the way these days, and most just don’t know it yet. We’re continuously going more and more digital,” Walker said when chatting with him.

Per the official website: Founded to provide actors with a safe, professional, and reliable way to self tape their auditions, receive coaching, prepare for auditions, gain valuable industry experience and knowledge, and to continuously hone their skills!

They even offer competitively priced memberships offering unlimited self tapes, voice overs, and services.

Walker continued, “As we continuously evolve into a even more digital society, self taping has become a regular habit for any active actor. Quality in my opinion has always trumped quantity, and The Creation Station Studios will always deliver quality services and products, while under my leadership. I look forward to seeing how The Creation Station Studios will help its communities!”

The Creation Station Studios has provided jobs to some amazing people in Hollywood and they have multiple locations around Los Angeles, Hollywood, and North Hollywood.

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