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The Barber Bag: Every Hair Professional Needs One


All barbers, hair stylists, groomers, and hair and beauty professionals need a backpack and/or bag that they can securely transport and store their valuable hair clippers, guards, shears, and other tools. Every time a hair professional transports their tools they risk damaging them in the process. Purchasing expensive tools is an investment for anyone and our Barber Backpack® products are great for protecting those assets.

Our specially made Barber Backpack® products are specially made for barbers and hair professionals and provides peace of mind when traveling with their tools. Each Barber Bag™ is custom made with internal compartments and slots that are made for storing hair clippers, shears, guards, blow dryers, hair products, capes, and essentially any other tool a barber could need.

We take pride in producing quality barber bags, which is why we back each Barber Backpack® / Barber Bag™ product with a full warranty!


Key features

  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Custom
  • Built in TSA lock
  • Waterproof materials
  • FULL warranty

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