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Binance Will convert $1 Billion BUSD to Native cryptos including Bitcoin and Ethereum

#Cardano has a max supply of 45 billions coins and #Minswap #MIN has a max supply of 5 billion coins.📈👀💡🧠

$10,000usd= 29,726 $ADA
$10,000usd= 298,775 $MIN

Both will hit $1.00 this bull market.
#kevinomics #smartmoves

US Federal Regulators Announce Depositors Will Be Made Whole and Savings Are SAFE

Is Cardano's #Minswap (#MIN) the most Undervalued Cryptocurrency of 2023?

#Cardano $ADA $MIN #ADA

I’ve been a Dragon Ball Z fan since childhood and @donnabellamorte had this amazing family art piece commissioned for me. Even little Zoiya in the baby bump 🤰 🙌 I had to give this of 1 of a kind art piece from as much life as 😍🙃

EARLY am gym sessions are the best. Nobody in the gym and everything is empty. SUPER SETS! Let’s gooo! Man, I love my #Urus ! 🏎️💥👂😍

I worked for @HomeDepot back in 2005-2006 and now I shop at Home Depot with my family and have no regard for the prices of ANYTHING in the store….

#constantlycarving #kevinomics #thinklongterm

My 101% ALL natural journey from 2012-2023 🤣Truly a process. 🤣No alcohol since and ONLY drinking water since 2013, working out 5-6 days per week, and eating healthy. #constantlycarving


#fitness #fitlife #healthyliving #abs #allnatural

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