ANYONE that invests in a ponzi scheme or scam deserves to suffer any loss they see.

Whether you fell victim due to incompetence, arrogance, naivety , and/or greed. It's YOUR FAULT.

Stop blaming everyone else, take accountability, and DO BETTER.
#constantlycarving #kevinomics

Should $LUNA be forked and possibly split the little value left and straight up ABANDON the people that bought $LUNA and whom are essentially propping up #LUNA right now...?

#crypto #investing #finance

Man, the $LUNA devs. ESPECIALLY this @stablekwon character are giving me big time scammer/MLM vibes.

(1) WHERE is all that #Bitcoin #BTC that was alleged to be in reserves?

(2) Why would you propose abandoning the people that try to stabilize your garbage coin?


I never touched $LUNA until it dropped. People have been telling me I am out of my mind for buying $LUNA while it was down.

I paid approx. $775 for 40 million+ LUNA which is presently worth approx. $20,000🤔

I told y’all the upside potential was crazy. #kevinomics

Won’t the sell pressure on $LUNA and UST eventually decrease..?

If #Bitcoin increases, won’t LUNA at slightly tick upward..?

Aren’t there allegedly A LOT of people trying to recover Luna, given it did/does have a community..?

It’s time to say goodbye to the Lamborghini Huracan for now…because I’m pretty bored with it..I never thought a Lambo would get boring.😕

That Porsche Panamera GTS is looking nooicceee 👀
#entrepreneurlife #constantlycarving

If you bought NFTs and $Doge on pure speculation but haven’t bought at least a little $LUNA, you’re TRIPPIN.👀🤣🍿

If you have USD to deploy into quality digital assets at these discounted prices, you made smart moves throughout this recent bull run.
#smartmoves #kevinomics #thinklongterm

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