Lights, Camera and a Whole Lot of Action: An Interview With Vigilante Diaries Star Kevin L. Walker

This week I had the opportunity to interview actor Kevin L. Walker, “The Kid,” in the soon-to-be-released Vigilante Diaries. I was fortunate enough to learn about his love of acting, as well as his kind heart and desire to help and inspire others on- and off-camera.

What inspired you to get into entertainment? 

Kevin: I fell in love with the arts at a young age and grew up watching television shows and films. I would act out scenes, memorize them, and even dress up and play with my younger siblings. My dad worked long hours leaving me with a lot of free time, and growing up in Los Angeles, CA in 1995 was a different time. The neighborhoods I grew up in weren’t always the best, which resulted in me having few “acceptable friends.”

Read the whole story here!


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