Front Camera/Web Camera Privacy Cover (Metal)


Product Description

The front camera cover is the new must have in today’s digital world to protect your valuable online identity & privacy, and practice good cyber hygiene. To ensure you’re not spied on via your front facing camera, easily provide you and/or your loved ones video security/privacy and peace of mind, with our sleek and stylish front camera cover.

  • ✅PROTECTS YOUR SECURITY AND PRIVACY: Covers your webcam when not in use and prevents webcam hackers from spying on you. Slides open when you need to use your webcam. Locks in place to ensure cover does not slide open.
  • ✅EXTREMELY THIN AND DURABLE: Measuring only 1.0mm thick, will not interfere with closing your laptop. Adheres with double sided tape, can be removed if needed but will stay on strong through wear and tear.
  • ✅FITS ON MOST DEVICES: Can be used to cover most webcams on an iPhone, iPad, iMac, laptop, PC, Macbook, and Android phone. Does not interfere with webcam use or indicator light.
  • ✅ PREMIUM QUALITY: Don’t get frustrated with low quality products. Our products are manufactured with quality being a main focus point.
  • ✅FAMILY PACK DISCOUNTS: Buy more, save more! Our family packs offer discounts of up to 50%+ off the normal price. Get one for each family members’ devices and stay protected.


  • 1-3 x Metal Front Camera/Web Camera Cover(s)


  • Metal Base with a magnetic slider
  • Protects your digital identity and online privacy, from being violated by hackers.
  • Fully Compatible with Smartphones, iPhones, Androids, Laptops, Macbooks, iMacs, iPads, PCs, Tablets, Monitors, and more.
  • 3M adhesive for easy and secure application
  • Easy slide cover open and closed to use

Additional information


1 cover, 2 covers, 3 covers


Black, Silver, Pink


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