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Kevin L. Walker Wins $257,000 Federal Judgement against Lionsgate/STARZ + Oscar Gold for Vigilante Diaries


Confirmed by an article on Entertainment Heat and legal documents found on pacemonitor Judge Andre Birotte Jr. awarded $260,022.27 to Walker (represented by SAG-AFTRA) for unpaid residuals and other missing funds.

As previously reported over the years, serial entrepreneur/actor Kevin L. Walker spoke openly about his experience starring in/working on the Anchor Bay Entertainment (Lionsgate & STARZ owned) distributed, project “Vigilante Diaries.” The project was exhibited internationally under multiple titles, and shown on various major platforms such as: HBO, Cinemax, STARZ(Anchor Bay/Lionsgate owned), YouTube, Vudu, iTunes, select theaters, and much more.

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The film starred Walker, and co-starred Michael Jai White, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Jason Mewes, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Michael Madsen, and Mike Hatton, with appearances from Danny Trejo, Noel G., Darren Bailey, James Russo, Chasty Ballesteros, and Levy Tran.

The Film was produced by Asko Akopyan (Oscar Gold productions), Mike Hatton (Ton of Hats Productions), and Christian Sesma (Seskri Productions) and distributed by Anchor Bay/Lionsgate/STARZ.

The producers attempted to manipulate the entire situation and state that the project’s intended use was for “New Media,” which would have allowed them a possible loophole of not having to pay performers for their time, and/or use of their likeness. However, Walker seemingly being a well versed businessman (known for founding Piiggy Bank, Piiggy Bank Labs, The Creation Station Studios, Creative Geniusess, and Retailopolis, amongst many) didn’t let the engagement go unaddressed, and was victorious in his efforts.



Another very weird fact about this project is that though wikipedia states they are unbiased, the wikipedia page for Vigilante Diaries has been consistently manipulated and vandalized, with incorrect information, in an attempt to smother Walker’s web presence, and notoriety.

For a Fact:

  1. Kevin L. Walker is Billed 4th.
  2. Walker’s contract states he is billed 4th
  3. Walker is listed 4th on IMDB
  4. Walker is 4th, in the actual credits

Yet, for some reason, wikipedia allows the Vigilante Diaries page to remain incorrect. Select Wikipedia admins even go as far as blocking the correct information from being entered. Wikipedia hasn’t corrected the information and to date, wikipedia and its writers are endorsing this false information.

Why would some one do this?

(1) Spite?

(2) Bitterness?

(3) Or perhaps, someone doesn’t want Walker to succeed. Being permanently listed in the initial web google browser data of a Wikipedia page significantly increases one’s notoriety, and the active force behind this unscrupulous suppression understands that very well.

But wait, Wikipedia writers, admins, and moderators must just not know about this, right…?

Wrong.. they know very very well, bu despite the vandalism, Wikipedia and its admins allow the incorrect/erroneous information to remain.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read the federal court document, view the wikipedia page, and view all the clear cut evidence for yourself.

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