Kevin L. Walker


Kevin L. Walker is an African-American Entrepreneur, Writer, Actor, and Producer that has founded several successful businesses and appeared in various television shows, films, and international commercials. Kevin’s entrepreneurial journey began at an extremely young age and he has always been determined to live a fulfilling life, build an empire of value, and be 100% independent/self-employed.

In his early years he began playing poker professionally while also simultaneously working with some of America’s most successful companies. A major milestone in Kevin’s entrepreneurial journey thus far was in 2013 when he launched “Retailopolis.” Some of the most notable businesses Kevin has founded are The Creation Station Studios®, RetailopolisBarber Backpack®, Creative Geniusess, Piiggy Bank Blockchain Labs, Curated Cryptocurrency News, and Constantly Carving. Kevin has always been an avid user of technology, the internet, and social media. He was one of the earliest adopters of digital & streaming technology and is an avid blockchain & cryptocurrency enthusiast.

In relation to entertainment endeavors (acting/producing/writing), Kevin has creatively collaborated with various major entertainment companies such as CBS, HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, NBC, Fox, Lionsgate, YouTube, Xploderz, Samsung, Levi’s, Toyota, McDonald’s:Version 1 / Version 2, Walt DisneyFordIn 2013 Kevin helped change the digital media landscape lead the charge in the worldwide digital content movement, creating, starring in, and producing in his online web series, The Cost of Living via his company Creative Geniusess. Later the same year Kevin was offered a series regular role in the series Vigilante Diaries opposite Jason Mewes and Paul Sloan, which was revolutionary for the digital market and crowdfunding space, being one the first of its kind to crowdfund streamed content directly from its fanbase. Kevin went on to produce another well accepted web series titled, “Retail,” and in 2016 Kevin was offered the opportunity to reprise his starring role in Vigilante Diaries as a full length feature film, adding to the cast, Michael Jai WhiteQuinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Noel Gugliemi, and Danny Trejo, which received a international theatrical release, via Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Kevin always seeks to add as much value to his communities as he possibly can. He actively pursues opportunities of growth that add real value and/or substance, and is also currently in the process of the birthing ‘Constantly Carving Foundation,’ which will be an organization dedicated to assisting underprivileged/undercapitalized entrepreneurs, artists, producers, and more.