Kevin L Walker: Actor, Writer, Producer, Businessman, CelebrityKevin L. Walker was born in Fontana, California raised all around Southern California, and proudly calls Riverside, California his hometown. He completed his first two high school years at Glen A. Wilson High School, and finished his last two years at Arlington High School where he graduated at the top of his class. He then went on to attend The University of Southern California, where he double majored in International Business and Political Science, and graduated with two degrees.

Kevin has appeared television shows and films, and has creatively collaborated with various internationally known brands / household companies such as, DisneyFordSamsung, Levi’s, Toyota, LA Gear, Budlight, Xploderz, Casper, and McDonald’s.

 Kevin has alway been actively involved in sports, and grew up competing in football, basketball, baseball, swimming, dirt biking, boxing, soap box derby racing (2001 California Champion), and martial arts. In additional to being an established actor/writer/producer, Kevin is also a seasoned businessman/entrepreneur. Some of the businesses he has successfully founded are:


The Creation Station Studios

Barber Backpack


Constantly Carving


Shopping with Cryptocurrency

Front Camera Cover

Universal Cryptocurrency Wallet

Creative Geniusess

Curated Cryptocurrency News

Kevin is considered a leader in his various fields of endeavor, he actively pursues opportunities of growth and he is continuously looking for ways to add substance and value to his community. He is currently in the process of birthing the ‘Constantly Carving’ Foundation, which will be a Non-profit organization dedicated to assisting aspiring artists, entrepreneurs, and the less fortunate.