Kevin L. Walker


Kevin L. Walker is an American Entrepreneur, Writer, Actor, and Producer, that has appeared in various television shows, films, and national & international commercials and he strongly believes in “authentically living and contributing via your passions.” Thus far, he has used the knowledge and life experience he’s gained to generate Millions in revenue and create hundreds of jobs, via his privately owned businesses such as, Piiggy Bank Blockchain Labs®, The Creation Station Studios®, Retailopolis®, ActOrganizer®, Haircuts on Demand®, Barber Backpack®, Creative Geniusess®, Melanated Media®, The Talent Stage®, Bitcoin Crypto List®, Piiggy Bank®,  Cardano Central® Front Camera Cover®, and Constantly Carving® to name some.

Kevin is a California native, born in Fontana, CA, raised all around Southern California, and he proudly calls Riverside, California his hometown. Being the product of a broken home and both parents maintaining heavy work loads, Kevin became a very independent individual at a very young age. He began earning an income in his young teenage years and fell in love with knowledge, currency, technology, entrepreneurship, and the arts. He grew up competing in sports like basketball, football, baseball, & swimming, and also was heavy into dirt bike/motorcycle riding and stunting, boxing, video games, and martial arts.

Naturally influenced by the rough Los Angeles streets, Kevin and his childhood friends we’re constantly around members of various Los Angeles street gangs. Seeking a life free of gang influence and/or violence, Kevin’s father relocated him to Hacienda Heights for high school and then even further east to, Inland Empire, where he completed his final high school years. A life changing moment for Kevin, was when his father enrolled him in the “VIDA program,” where he met one of his most influential childhood mentors, Sheriff Deputy/Neurologist, Deputy Paul Wilms (Founding member of the ‘VIDA’ program and director of the All American Soap Box Derby Race). In 2002 Kevin and Wilms competed and won the title of, “California State Champion,” in the All American Soap Box Derby, and they went onto compete in national championship in, Akron, Ohio. Kevin continued on to graduate from high school early and at the top of his class, and then went on to attend college.

Kevin began working at the very young age of 13 and has always been determined to live a fulfilling life, build an empire of value, and be 100% independent/self-employed. In his early years, Kevin began playing poker professionally, while also simultaneously working. Along his journey thus far, he has gained valuable life and work experience, working with some of America’s most successful companies, including but not limited to: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Myspace, CBS, HBO, STARZ, Cinemax, NBC, Fox, Lionsgate, Xploderz, Samsung, Levi’s, Toyota, McDonald’s: Version 1 / Version 2, Walt DisneyFord, Bottega Louie, Home Depot, Radio Shack, Sam’s Club, America’s Tire.

In 2013 Kevin helped lead the charge in the worldwide digital content movement, creating, starring in, and producing in his online web series, The Cost of Living via his company Creative Geniusess. Later the same year Kevin was offered a series regular role in the series Vigilante Diaries opposite Jason Mewes and Paul Sloan, which was revolutionary for the digital market and crowdfunding space, being one the first of its kind to crowdfund streamed content directly from its fanbase. Kevin has always been an avid user of technology, the internet, and social media. He was one of the earliest adopters and promoters digital and streaming technology and is an avid blockchain & cryptocurrency enthusiast. Kevin went on to produce another well accepted web series titled, “Retail,” and in 2016 Kevin was offered the opportunity to reprise his starring role in Vigilante Diaries as a full length feature film, adding to the cast, Michael Jai WhiteQuinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson, Noel Gugliemi, and Danny Trejo, which received a international theatrical release, via Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Kevin always seeks to add as much value to his communities as he possibly can. He actively pursues opportunities of growth that add real value and/or substance, and is also currently in the process of the birthing ‘Constantly Carving Foundation,’ which will be an organization dedicated to assisting underprivileged/undercapitalized entrepreneurs, artists, producers, and more.


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