Let Me In - Starring: Kevin L. Walker, Donnabella Mortel, Angie Teodora Dick, and Maynard Okereke

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Over the years various performers have gained millions of fans on Internet platforms like YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram by making skits highlighting “moments” and “blips” of life, and the term “social media influencer” was born. Creative Geniuses aims to raise the bar for social media performers, by producing and distributing various well written and structured projects across its platforms. Creative Geniuses gives viewers their first treat on Halloween, producing and distributing the short “Let Me In.”

Click here to Watch “Let Me In” Now

“Let Me In” takes place in Riverside, CA and is about a romantic date night that takes a horrific turn when a woman frantically arrives on a couple’s doorstep screaming for help. Starring Kevin L. Walker (Vigilante Diaries, The Young and The Restless), Donnabella Mortel (The Young and The Restless, NCIS, How To Get Away With Murder), Angie Teodora Dick, and Maynard Okereke.

Artwork done by Glassell House Creative and XAS Company. Glassell House Creative was founded by Xavier Savant, and is listed as the Creative Agency of record for Kevin Harts: What Now Movie and Tour, and is also known for other notable Key Art designs for academy award nominated films such as MadMax and Osage County.

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