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Baby girl Zoiya 🤰 is almost here! We need more backseat room for her, Adonis, and baby #3👀 so it’s time to get rid of the #PanameraGTS and get the #LamborghiniUrus — S/o to David and Jared at @SarchioneLuxury for the amazing service!! 🙌🔥❤️😆

Today’s Fed news was BULLISH.

Everything is going well, the rate hike was minimal, and if inflation goes down faster than anticipated, they might pause rate hikes. Also, growth is expected.

#Bitcoin #BTC: $23,883
#Cardanno #ADA: $00.4082
#Minswap #MIN: $00.01915

1)Real estate values are down.
2)Repos and loan defaults are plentiful.
3)Credit usage up.
4)Savings balances down.
5)Evictions happening
6)The definition of a recession was changed.
7) Inflation is down.

I believe the recession already started a while ago.
#kevinomics #wealth

It’s crazy that @PayPal is STILL being allowed to hold onto people’s funds and shut their accounts down.

I remember they did that to me in 2014 and held onto like $175,000 of my money for 120 days!!

This was also during their “Zepeda v. #PayPal, Inc” lawsuit. @WhiteHouse

The #crypto market has seen a lot of ANGER and DEPRESSION. 📉

What goes down also eventually goes up.

It’s looking like people are in DISBELIEF.📊

If #Bitcoin breaks $25,000 there will be a lot of HOPE. 📈🧠👀🍿

#kevinomics #smartmoves #digitalassets

#Fact They CAN see your LONG and SHORT positions and push the market in the opposite direction and LIQUIDATE your holdings. Want to build wealth and not lose it? STOP trading with leverage and especially stay away from @Bybit_Official, who likely trades against YOU.


If you always bounce back from experiences and lessons regardless, you are divinely protected.

#thinkaboutit #vibrstehigher #constantlycarving #kevinomics

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