I extend a warm welcome to my first-time visitors and a welcome back if you’re already taking this journey with me!

This industry has taught me the truth about limitations: self-sabotage is the only real enemy. Everyone is granted a blank canvas called “life.” The picture you create is up to you. In this aspect, everyone is an artist, a creator. You are and become what you spend the majority of your time thinking about.

Do what you love and love what you do. Several years at a University, a degree, and traditional career don’t guarantee a fulfilling life. Know your destination, and take action so that your dreams don’t remain a fantasy. The perfect place to start is exactly where you’re standing. Seize what life has to offer and most importantly HAVE FUN! Don’t be so focused on your destination or you’ll miss some wonderful things along the interesting and enjoyable journey.



I appreciate each and every one of you. You’ve all been a pivotal part of all my accomplishments and I look forward to sharing many more! I want to inspire you, to aspire to be great!